Coke Studio Brings 14 August 2016 Anthem same like it was in 2015, but this year its more powerful because of some facts one of big fact is “amjad sabri” and more like naseebo-lal.
This is first time in the history of Pakistan, Song will be release after the death of a singer and its a big hit for sure not because of coke studio its because of last song by amjad sabri.

Every single person in Pakistan is waiting for 13 August just because of first episode of coke studio, first episode will release amjad sabri last song anyhow lets get back to Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo its has been release just 13 hours ago (time of post : 11:23 Pm) and got near 2.5 M views on Fb and many more downloads from different sites like

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