its 2017 but people still love Ustad Nusrat fateh Ali Khan “Mere Rashke Qamar” a very famous song by nusrat sub but in 2013 its famous again by remix version but a girl dance in car on this song Mere Rashke Qamar people love it and that dance gives boom to this song.


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Mere Rashke Qamar Lyrics

Mere Rashk E Qamar Tu Ne Pehli Nazaar
Jab Nazaar Se Milaayi Maaza Aagaya
Barq Si Gir Gayi Kaam Hee Kar Gayi
Aag Aisee Lagaayi Maaza Aagaya

Jaam Mein Ghoul Kar Husn Kee Mastiyaan
Chaandni Muskurai Maaza Aagaya
Chaand Ke Sa’ay Mein Ay Mere Saaqiya
Tu Ne Aisee Pilaayi Maaza Aagaya

Nasha Sheeshe Mein Angrai Laine Laga
Bazm E Rindaan Mein Saagar Khanakne Laga
Maikade Pe Barasne Lagi Mastiyaan
Jab Ghata Gir Ke Chaayi Maaza Aagaya

Be Hijabaana Wo Saamne Aagaye
Aur Jawaani Jawaani Se Takra Gayi
Aankh Unki Laree Yoon Meri Aankh Se
Daikh Kar Ye Laraai Maaza Aagaya

Aankh Mein Thee Hayaa Her Mulaqaat Par
Surkh Aariz Hu’ay Wasl Ki Baat Par
Us Ne Sharma Ke Mere Sawaalat Pe
Aise Gardan Jhukaayi Maaza Aagaya

Shaikh Sahib Ka Imaan Bik He Gaya
Daikh Kar Husn E Saqi Pigal He Gaya
Aaj Se Pehle Ye Kitne Maghroor The
Lut Gayi Parsaayi Maaza Aagaya

Ay Fana Shukr Hai Aaj Baad E Fana
Us Ne Rakh Le Mere Pyaar Kee Aabro
Apne Haathon Se Usne Meri Qabr Par
Chaadar E Gul Charhaayi Maaza Aagaya

Mere Rashk E Qamar Tu Ne Pehli Nazaar
Jab Nazaar Se Milaayi Maaza Aagaya.


‘EK Villain’ is an Indian romantic thriller movie directed by Mohit Suri, starring Sidharth Malhotra as Guru, Sharadha Kapoor as Ayesha, and Ritesh Deshmukh as Rakesh. The story revolves around a criminal and his full of spirit but terminally ill wife who is murdered by a serial killer, who after killing young women goes back to his home and spends the usual day with his wife Amina Shareef and young son, without even a spec of remorse.

Ayesha is suffering from a chronic disease with no hope of survival, she has a diary with little wishes written on them, Guru helped her to fulfil all those wishes and doing so he fell in love and marries her. Guru saved her from the disease but later on she was murdered by Ritiesh, he does not know that the woman he murdered is actually the wife of a mad criminal who shall now avenge his wife, his love, at all costs.

Ritiesh Deshmukh as a serial killer is actually a frustrated husband, who goes about killing other women because he hates all the females for all the pain inflicted upon him by his own wife. He cannot do anything about his wife since he loves her after all her sadistic inflictions, so he used to murder al other women who even say a word to him.

Further story revolves around how guru tracks the killer while he was assaulting some other victim, he beats him brutally, admit him in the hospital and pays the expenses but did not let him die. After finding about the pregnancy of his late wife guru sets himself on fire even more.
Ritesh went to his friend to find out Guru’s identity, doing so he taunts him over the phone by killing Ayesha’s father and then he surrender himself to Guru just to be the hero in his wife and everyone’s sight, but Ceaser steps in (Another old criminal who brought Guru up) He calls Guru at that moment and says that he has killed Rakesh’s wife and asks Guru to finish off his son. Enraged, Rakesh injures Guru and is about to kill him when he is run over by a car and dies on the spot. Guru later adopts Rakesh’s son instead of killing him.


Dolly ki Doli’ is Bollywood romantic comedy starring Sonam Kapoor as Dolly in leading role accompanied by three other male co-stars, directed and produced by Abhishek Dogra and Arbaz Khan.

Story of the movie revolves around a north Indian sporty girl with whom everyone wants to marry but she is basically a robber bride who marries rich guys and runs away with groom’s money.

Sonam is showing her bold sporty runaway bride image and her fans will see her riding motorbike and jeep in the forthcoming movie that is set to released on 23 rd January, 2015. Music of the movie is composed by Sajid-Wajid and five of the songs are out of the box.

Directors and Producers are very optimistic about the release of the movie as it will hit the cinema and will rock on but Sonam Kapoor doesn’t have very good history of hit movies but let’s see what happen this time.

Coke Studio Brings 14 August 2016 Anthem same like it was in 2015, but this year its more powerful because of some facts one of big fact is “amjad sabri” and more like naseebo-lal.
This is first time in the history of Pakistan, Song will be release after the death of a singer and its a big hit for sure not because of coke studio its because of last song by amjad sabri.

Every single person in Pakistan is waiting for 13 August just because of first episode of coke studio, first episode will release amjad sabri last song anyhow lets get back to Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo its has been release just 13 hours ago (time of post : 11:23 Pm) and got near 2.5 M views on Fb and many more downloads from different sites like

Atif aslam is one of the pure artist in Pakistan and India yet, last year 2015 atif aslam perform best Qawali till yet and he proves he got magical voice.

Tajdar-e-haram originally by sabri brothers but to be very honest atif did well and its super hit in coke studio season 8. tajdar-e-haram gave best push to coke studio to around the world its in first episode and even today people keep listing like its new Qawali and this ramzan im sure this will be get huge number of hits in youtube soundcloud and aswell.

desi rockstar 2 gippy grewal new album of 2016 first song patt lainge with neha kakkar. first song is new hit of 2016 and seems like party song of the year. if you want to listen this song visit and listen and download patt lainge in mp3.


Patt lainge Lyrics 
Patt lainge.. Patt lainge.. Patt lainge..
Patt lainge.. Patt lainge.. Patt lainge..

Ho 28way vich dharya tu pair balliye
Ni paigeh vair balliye
Patiala chownk vich daang kad keete
Chale fire balliye Chale fire balliye

Chardi jawani teri keel ke
Patari vich rakh lain ge

Haan langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt laing

Sirre de brandan nu vi matt paunda jaavein
Suit fit mundeyan
Choti deyan chaubaran nu paala vich
Kar dendi hit mundeyan Kar dendi hit mundeyan

Oy lakk de hulare nal Lahore hilda
Main kaab ponch ke dharaan

Mera na kasoor mere gore rang da
Ve das main ki karan Ve das main ki karan Ve das main ki karan

Pat lainge.. Pat lainge..

Ho launde ne scheme munde modan utte behke
Ni tere gore rang di
Khundan utte charcha vi hon lag pai
Ni tere suit tang di Ni tere suit tang di

O feem wargi tenu taliyan te rak billo shak lainge

Haan langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge.. pat lainge..

Ho dudh makhna na pali maapeya ne
Jatti main chugath vargi
Dilan vich mundeyan de vaaje
Chamkila de recard vargi Chamkila de recard vargi

Niklan shukeeni laake gharon bahar jaddo
Pange pain ton daraan

Mera na kasoor mere gore rang da
Ve das main ki karan Ve das main ki karan Ve das main ki karan

Ho dino din bell wangu jaave wadh di
Tu sadde seene vaj di
Chardi jawani teri das ae bolke
Tu phire haan labh di Tu phire haan labh di

Kamal Kharoud je shikari att de
Ni tainu dak lainge

Haan langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan di gali
Tenu patt lainge

Mera na kasoor mere gore rang da
Ve das main ki karaan
Langeyan na kar billo chadeyan gali
Tenu pat lainge

Oy mera na kasoor mere gore rang da
Ve das main ki karan
Langiyan na kar billo chadeyan gali
Tenu pat lainge

Shortcut Romeo is an action-thriller crime based Bollywood movie starring Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel and Puja Gupta. The movie is directed and produced by Susi Ganeshan. Shortcut Romeo is a story of a rich woman having extra martial relationship and an ambitious, young but immoral guy who blackmails her to make his life luxurious.

Suraj (Neil Nitin) is an ambitious but violent and good for nothing man who finds a chance to record the love making act of a couple while playing golf. He finds out that the couple Monica (Ameesha Patel) and Ashish, is very rich and this is an extramarital affair. Monica offers Suraj a lump sum amount of money for the tape but Suraj refuses for the money as he asks Monica to support his expensive tastes.

Monica agrees to make his life luxurious because she has no other choice. Suraj makes a trip to Australia where he meets a beautiful girl Sherry, who told him that she belongs to very respected and rich family and both of them fell in love with each other.

After falling for her Suraj realizes there are a lot more important things than money in the world. Suraj decides to propose Sherry but he came to know that she has left the town. Ameesha than makes a phone call telling him that Puja was sent by her to woo him and if he really needs Puja, he needs to handover the tape to Monica.

Another 500 crore movie going to hit bollywood in this 11 November 2015. as you know about salman bhai he is most famous family hero of bollywood any member of family enjoy film of salman khan. this is big reason why salman khan movies sales on black.Prem Leela - Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Every single film of this khan is emotional and family drama film like on every past film of salman khan, every fan know salman khan going to off his shirt in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

This is very important scene of every film of salu bhai when salman khan remove shirt on big screen people makes noise like something big happens.

My cinema experience of Bajrangi Bhaijaan i was like what! 3 year old little baby boy start crying on some scene on film. this thing shows how salman khan perfectly play with emotions of people to get big business.



JuD boss and Mumbai assault driving force Hafiz Saeed has recorded a request in a Lahore court, looking for restriction on the arrival of Bollywood motion picture Phantom in Pakistan, asserting that the film, set on post-26/11 assaults and worldwide terrorism, contains “smudged purposeful publicity” against the nation.

In the appeal documented in the Lahore High Court, Saeed, through his promoter A K Dogar, argued that the Saif Ali Khan-starrer film, which is planned to discharge on August 28, has “venom against Pakistan and Jamaat-ud-Dawa”. The film speaks the truth the 2008 Mumbai assault and worldwide terrorism involving the JuD. Dingy publicity has been done in the film against Pakistan under subject of the world terrorism,” he charged. The originator of Lashkar-e-Taiba guaranteed that the courts in Pakistan had officially dismisses the allegation of the Indian government about inclusion of the JuD or any of its pioneers in the 2008 Mumbai assaults that slaughtered 166 individuals.

I go to the court to boycott the show of Phantom in Pakistan for its against Pakistan substance, said Saeed on whom the US has put an abundance of $10 million. Lahore High Courts Justice Shahid Bilal Hassan settled August 10 as the date for listening to the request. Taking into account wrongdoing creator Hussain Zaidis novel “Mumbai Avengers, Phantom is situated in the repercussions of the 26/11 Mumbai assaults and manages worldwide terrorism.

So far the Pakistan blue pencil board has not cleared the film for screening in the nation. Since the administration permitted presentation of Indian movies in Pakistan, the Censor Board has been watchful about not permitting screening of Indian movies which manage the subject of Pakistan, terrorism and ISI. Previously, Saif Ali Khans Agent Vinod and Salman Khans Ek Tha Tiger were likewise banned from being screened in film corridors in the nation despite the fact that they are openly accessible on CDs and DVDs in Pakistan.

BOLLYWOOD is basically India’s version of California’s HOLLYWOOD. The word itself came from Hollywood and ‘B’ came from “Bombay” (now MUMBAI). It is a biggest Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai.


Started in 1913 with India’s first feature film with no voice effect was “Raja

Harshchandra”. Its major commercial success was the first sound film that was “Alam Ara”. After its first sound film all the film makers immediately switched to produce movies with sound. As time passes Bollywood started to produce 200 film per year with multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telgu etc. Bollywood faced a serious depression stage in 1935 onwards due to World War 2 and partition of sub-continent but there were many film makers who took the advantage and started to make movies on the topic of Independence, partition effects and everything that was happening in real.

A new wave in BOLLYWOOD

Inspired by regional, political and social changes, 1960 was the birth of “New Wave” in the history of Bollywood. Where they got World class directors like Ray, Mrinal Sen, and Ritwik Ghatak and three of them produced the super hit movies like “Pathar Panchali, Kandhar, Reason debate and a story”.

The focused on the lower classes which were as ignored as stones that time. Then the stories based on history, Myths and politics were being replaced by Social issues like crime, prostitution and family stories.

Bollywood Today

Today’s Bollywood is an industry of Masala films. “Man Mohan Desai” is considered to be the Father of Bollywood Masala in 1970’s. He used to say that he wanted people to forget their miseries while watching his movies that includes comedy, action, crime, love, hate, musical heist and many more. He brought the best actors of Bollywood’s history like Amitabh Bachan, Mithon Chakraboty, Rekha, Hima Malini, Jiya Bachan, Kapoor guys and many more. The super hit movies like Amar Akbar Anthony, Colie, Naseeb, and Suhag were all directed by the aforementioned man though he gave the road map to today’s directors to bring change in the industry.

In 2000, not only India but the world saw the success of Bollywood with the film makers who brought about “THE NEW CHAPTER IN HISTORY OF BOLLYWOOD” like YASH RAJ FILMS, DHARMA PRODUCTIONS, KARAN JOHAR, FARAH KHAN and EKTA KAPOOR. They produced blockbuster movies like “Kuch kuch Hota h, Dil waley Dulhania Ley jaengy, Dil to pagal h, veer zara, hum tum, Dhoom and Krish series, Brothers 2015 and a lot more.

Bollywood brought number of best artist on their screen like Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Kajol, Aishwarya Roy, Madhuri Dixhit, Kapoor sisters, and many more.With the year passing Bollywood is bringing a lot more changes in cinematography and technology as in the movies like Dhoom, Koe mil gya, Krish, Action Replay, Ra-one, and the latest one Creature 3D. 2010 was the year of rise of new talent in Bollywood like, Ranbir Kapoor, Sunakshi Sinha, Preeniti Chopra, Alia Bhat, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Kapoor and Imran Khan Etc.

If we have a look on Bollywood history we will came to know about the clear fact that in the near future it is going to grow, grow and grow and will come up with the greater stars with the BANG!